Karthik Rajagopal

Your father’s proudest moment is when you have just tied the knot or when he walks you down the aisle. You could see a hint of this moment when he read your name alongside that of your life partner in the invitation. Your mother’s most emotional moment is when you take your vows. Her tears of joy also reflect the fact that she is going to miss you. She anticipated this moment when your wedding date was announced. Your relatives add a touch of mischief, when they have finished helping you perfect your gorgeousness. Their children and grandchildren dress up, play and dance to the music of celebration.
      Every moment of your wedding is filled with emotions – love, romance, pride, joy, mischief, togetherness. The beauty of the celebration stems from your soul and lights up your loved ones with happiness. I witness it from behind my camera, getting immersed in the experience and capturing it in vibrant frames.  
   I wish to be the guest of you and your life partner, before the wedding at an exclusive shoot, and on the stage or aisle. My camera and I want to rub shoulders with your relatives and capture priceless emotions, adding an aesthetic touch that preserves their beauty for posterity. I can weave together your magical moments seamlessly in a beautiful video. Let’s talk and make your wedding timelessly memorable. Call me at +91 97877 18765 or write to karthik@tryangle.in
What do we shoot?
We specialize in shooting weddings, engagements, birthdays and events similar to that.
What is our style?
We document probably the most important day in your life and make sure we shoot pictures that grow in value with time.
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